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12th November 2018

The Global Banking Education Standards Board (GBEStB) Published a second Standard Exposure Draft for Consultation.

Details of the draft “Threshold Competence for Bankers” can be found under the Banking Standards tab. The Board welcomes comments from the banking industry, Regulators, Supervisors and Central Banks by 31st March 2019 to

Questions for Response

The Education Standards Committee welcomes all comments on the draft Standard, and in particular seeks feedback on the following issues:

  1. Is the proposed level of threshold competence for professional bankers (one that is “equivalent to at least the first year of an undergraduate degree programme, in respect of educational level”) appropriate?

  2. Are the recommendations for the content of initial education programmes for professional bankers, as set out in pages 5-6, comprehensive given the Standard seeks to apply to all professional bankers worldwide?  What, if any, additional content should be added?  What, if any proposed content should be removed from the current recommendations?

  3. In what ways might the Standard support the efforts of international and national regulators to raise standards of ethical and professional competence in banking? 

Simon Thompson
Chair - Education Standards Committee

September 2018

Alastair Graham appointed as first Secretary-General

The Global Banking Education Standards Board (GBEStB) is delighted to announce the appointment of Alastair Graham as its first Secretary-General.

Up until the end of 2017, Alastair was Managing Director of the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP); a position he held for nearly 10 years. Before that, Alastair was Senior Vice President and Head of Global Training at Moody’s Investors Service and has also worked for several banks throughout his career, which spans over 40 years.

Download to see the full press release.

April 2018

Global Banking Education Standards Board (GBEStB) launches first Standard Ethics Education and Training for Professional Bankers

The Chartered Banker Institute is proud to support today’s launch of the Global Banking Education Standards Board’s (GBEStB) first Standard – Ethics Education and Training for Professional Bankers

Announcing its publication, Simon Thompson, Chair of GBEStB Education Standards Committee and Chief Executive of the Chartered Banker Institute commented:

“The GBEStB brings together more than 20 banking institutes to provide the foundation for high-quality and consistent education of bankers.  Our first education standard - Ethics Education and Training for Professional Bankers - sets out our expectations of and guidance for GBEStB member bodies in terms of general recommendations, and recommendations for the content, delivery and assessment of ethics education programmes for professional bankers. 

Promoting a more consistent approach to the ethics education of professional bankers worldwide should, in our view, help develop a strong and consistent culture of customer and client-focused, ethical professionalism in banking, and contribute to improving financial stability.  We call on banking institutes, central banks, regulators and others to endorse and support this standard, and the work of the GBEStB more broadly.”

The new Standard consists of seven key recommendations, which it expects all GBEStB member bodies to use their best endeavours to comply with, and guidance which it expects GBEStB members bodies to consider when implementing the Standard. The seven recommendations are:

1.       General Recommendations regarding ethics education and training

2.       Key ethical principles for professional bankers

3.       Content of ethics education and training programmes

4.       Delivery of ethics education and training programmes

5.       Assessment of ethics education and training programmes

6.       Impact Measurement (of the Standard)

7.       Public Declaration – ( ie - GBEStB member bodies shall publicly endorse the Standard)

Ethics Education and Training for Professional Bankers is effective from 1st June 2018, and GBEStB member bodies are expected to take active steps from that date to work towards compliance with this Standard.

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