Global Banking Education Standards Board

Education Standards and Committee


The GBEStB has established the Education Standards Committee to develop initial standards for banking education. The Committee’s purpose is to develop, publish and disseminate global banking education standards to support the ethical, professional and technical competence of professional bankers worldwide, and to guide and shape the professional education programmes of national banking institutes and others. Its principal tasks will include: 

  • Identifying and prioritising areas for banking education standards development;

  • Researching existing standards and good practice, and seeking to build on these where possible;

  • Developing draft and final standards and guidance for use by member bodies in their education programmes for banking professionals;

  • Consulting and seeking feedback on draft standards and guidance; and

  • Publishing, disseminating and facilitating the uptake and support of the final banking education standards.

In August 2017, the Committee sought the views and perspectives of a wide range of of regulatory bodies, standard setters, policymakers, employees of financial institutions, educators and other key stakeholders on its proposed work programme and priorities. More than 60 responses were received and, following analysis of the responses, the Education Standards Committee agreed that its priorities would be to: 

  • Develop a standard or set of standards prescribing the core competencies - knowledge, skills and behaviours - required of all Professional Bankers; and

  • Developing a standard prescribing how appropriate professional values, ethics and attitudes might be acquired via a programme of ethics education.

Underlying Principles for Global Banking Education Standards 

The Education Standards Committee have agreed the following underlying principles for global banking education standards:

  • Standards will help GBEStB members enhance and sustain high standards of professional education for bankers, and provide guidance for their professional education programmes;

  • Standards will not be set for individual banks or bankers;

  • Individuals subscribing to the relevant education programme(s) of GBEStB member bodies shall be described as “Professional Bankers”;

  • Standards are addressed, primarily, to GBEStB member bodies. They may also be helpful to other educational organizations, employers, regulators, government authorities, and other stakeholders who deliver, and support the delivery of, professional education programmes for bankers;

  • Through its standards and guidance to support the education programmes of its members, the GBEStB should seek to develop the initial and continuing professional knowledge, skills, values, attitudes and behaviours of Professional Bankers.


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